StepTo DoCISUT NoteCat ICat II/III
  Basic Security    
1 Update operating system to the latest version1.1.1§!!
2 Do not Jailbreak iOS to sideload applications §! 
3 Enable Automatic Downloads of App Updates1.1.19§! 
4 Enable remote wipe functionality §  
5 Enable Find My iPhone1.1.20§  
6 Encrypt device backups through iTunes §! 
7 Erase all data before return, repair, or recycle1.1.21§!!
  Authentication Security    
8 Require a passcode or password1.1.2, 1.1.3§!!
9 Enable TouchID with a complex password1.1.3§  
10 Set Auto-Lock Timeout1.1.4§!!
11 Disable Grace Period for Screen Lock §! 
12 Erase data upon excessive passcode failures1.1.5§! 
13 Enable Data Protection §! 
  Browser Security    
14 Enable Fraud Warning in Safari1.2.2§! 
15 Disable AutoFill for sensitive information1.2.3 – 1.2.5§  
16 Block cookies from third parties §  
17 Turn on Do Not Track1.2.9§  
  Network Security    
18 Turn off Ask to Join Networks1.1.9§! 
19 Turn off AirDrop when not in use1.1.11§  
20 Turn off Bluetooth when not in use1.1.14§  
21 Turn off Personal Hotspot when not in use1.1.15§!!
22 Forget Wi-Fi networks to prevent automatic rejoin1.1.8§  
  Additional Security Settings1    
23 Turn off Location Services1.1.16§  
24 Restrict access to Location Services, Contacts, Photos, etc. §  
25 Disable access to Control Center on Lock Screen1.1.7§  
26 Disable TouchID1.1.6§  
27 Enable Private Browsing in Mobile Safari as needed1.2.8§  
28 Disable JavaScript in Mobile Safari1.2.1§